SO sorry for being a total slacker and not posting here ever!  Way too much great stuff is going on to have time to sit around talking about it.  To sum things up, life is great, Marnie and I are engaged now (!), our puppy still kicks ass and riding is lot’s of fun these days.

Been getting out to shred with the homies in the RAT SHIT ‘crew’ a lot lately, since I’m one of the boys too I made a “Welcome to Rat Shit” edit.  I took my pegs off a month ago or so and I’ve been having lots of fun playing with just tricks that don’t involve pegs.  No pegs were harmed in the making of this edit! 😉

Anyways, enjoy!

RAT SHIT // tom mosher from RAT SHIT // on Vimeo.

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GTAF#2: Greater Toronto Area Fixed 2

We finally put out a second installment in the ‘series’! I guess now it can officially be called a series because there is more than one. We’ll be putting out a lot more as the weather keeps getting nicer, we will also be welcoming lots more riders as the longer days give us more free time to ride!

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I have a blog??

Buh, sorry to anyone that checks here and expects new posts and then sees just old crap!  I swear to make a concerted effort to post more!

Today I was picking up some supplies for YNOT and our guy (shout out to Tyler!;) asked how my finger was doing.  I was caught off guard and then figured out he meant my pinky that I mangled a few months ago.  This made me realize a few things, firstly that he checks my blog. but that also if you read my blog it would seem like that was not that long ago because there haven’t been a ton of posts since.  Lots of healing and injuring and more healing and riding has been going on, I’ve just been spread too thin to keep blabbing about it here regularly.

I’ve been riding with BMXicans lots of the time because there are so many of them in town and it’s easy to find one that is down to hook up and fall off bikes with me.  Other than them it’s mostly been sweet sessions with Jackson Wallace these days, he’s one of my favourite homies in the world and it’s super fortunate that he’s always down to ride.  Also, he’s getting really effing good and he pushes me hard when we ride.

I had a great session with him last night where we drilled at our favourite manual pad parking lot spot.  The manual pads are of all different shapes and sizes and at a bunch of different angles, it’s really ideal for drilling any tech concept.  I’ve been pushing harder on my fixed gear specific tricks.  I am losing passion for the fixed bmx style shit, THEY ALREADY DID THOSE TRICKS!  y’know??  Also I am putting more emphasis on bothsidedness, back in my footbag life I was batshit obsessed with being bothsided and then when I got to these bike tricks I got lazy and just did everything one direction.  Now I am being more thorough in practicing both sides of any trick, and in the case of 180’s I am also drilling all four variations.  (strong direction/strong foot, strong direction/weak foot, weak direction/strong foot, weak direction/weak foot)  Maybe that would be a good tutorial idea?  Something that at least openly discusses the concept that there really are 4 180’s.  I should do more tutorials…  I used to do them back when I had all the time in the world, I would love to have that kind of free time again but really, the shit that has now filled my days is pretty sweet.  I have a sick career growing at YNOT, life has never been happier at home with our growing family of me and Marnie and the puppy Ruby and our bitchy cat Chicken and I’m healthy and get out to play on my Vandal a handful of times a week.

So yeah, I have less ‘free time’ but I also have a fucking life finally!

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Road To Joy, Vandal Commute

This is my first ever time-lapse! A few times I’ve filmed my commute to YNOT (On my Vandal with the saddle jacked up!) with my GoPro attached to the top tube, right at the seat post and I decided to try speeding one up and putting it to a song.  The song is called Road to Joy by Bright Eyes and the words often get deeply stuck in my head.

Hope it’s not too boring, it’s kind of an experiment I guess.  I have all these little jibs and jumps and lines I like taking to make the route more fun.  They all fly by pretty fast but the wheelies came out kinda cool I think.  I love that the Vandal is ‘fast’ enough to rip to work on, it means I can still have fun and do tricks as I go instead of just riding like when I borrow a delicate fast bike.

Enjoy watching me ride to work in exotic Canadaaaa!

Should I make any more of these?  I tried filming doing a delivery of YNOT straps to a shop with Marnie’s cargo bike but the shop wasn’t open so the clip came out kinda meh.. Any suggestions?

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Greater Toronto Area Fixed #1

Here’s the first in a series of edits under the banner of Greater Toronto Area Fixed (GTAF) which aim to be all inclusive and shine a light on the scene in this part of Canada. These are all the clips that have piled up on my GoPro so far from the random times the camera was pulled out during sessions.

I’m starting a blog for the series/crew/whatever and I’m giving access to all the riders to add to it in a collective way.

Riders in this edit: Tom Mosher, Jackson Wallace, Kyle Messier, Phillip Williams.

Song: Grade – The Inefficiency of Emotion


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Sorry 2012!

Eh, I’m the worst at blogging regularly!

Sorry to anyone that checks in here to see what’s been going on only to find I’ve been slacking!

Luckily lots has been going on, been riding a lot and filming a fair bit and making it through this mild winter.  We’ve been blessed with a really mellow and dry winter which has let us hit the streets more than any other winter.

Shit with YNOT has been frantic still, things have hardly slowed down over the winter, I guess because so much of our business goes to warmer places like California.

Our good homie Swoo moved back home with his family in Vancouver after graduating from University here in Toronto.  He’ll be missed big time, I love the energy and enthusiasm he brings to sessions!  Visit any time buddy!

I swear I’ll keep posting more, also expect some video clips as I figure out what to do with the random clips that are piling up.

Here’s a shot from a few months ago that I never posted, fish’n’chips on the old proto Vandal with massive BMX bars I put on for fun:

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#OCCUPYYNOT by Nick Iwanyshyn

Our good buddy Nick Iwanyshyn came by the YNOT studio yesterday while I was working on a batch of Cobras and after he shot lots of serious clips he filmed this.  I really had no idea what he was doing while he was filming this, it cracks me up seeing it now!

Anyways, enjoy!

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