“End of an era” – YNOT Moving Day!

It’s pretty crazy to say it but YNOT Cycle has officially graduated from the little, awesome, garage we started in to a real legit rental spot!  It was actually a really full day, it started with the move, a visit to a local bike polo tournament, then a giant intense ride in the Don Valley with Brad Downie, ending with a happening event afterparty at a slick new bike store called Liberty Street Cyclery.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the day, it was a busy day so this is a very long post!

This is what the shop looked like on Friday, the last day of it’s initial incarnation.  Definitely a mess, but the space became my second home and I loved it.  Sitting in the chair is the very first Cobra prototype that I wore and worked with everyday until I made the Gulper prototype on the floor next to it.

Sharing a hug with another YNOT founder and one of my best buddies, Toby Spunt.  He and his girlfriend Miyako graciously let us use the garage rent free to help get the business off the ground.  THANKS TOBY AND MIYAKO!

The garage was on an alley and we always got an eclectic mix of people stopping by.  Turns out many of them had dreams of shit they always wanted to make but didn’t have the machines to do it.  When they’d see us working away on our industrial machines they’d flip their shit and go off telling me about the stupid crap they wanted me to make.  Eventually I wrote this sign but never had the nerve to point people to it. 😛

Tony Mamolitti, the original founder, funder and ‘business guy’, checking out the view of Toronto’s skyline from the new shop.  Tony worked his ASS off to get us into our new place!  It was practically a second full time job for him tracking down viable locations and checking them out and arranging insurance.  I have to thank him so much for his dedication to making this a success.  It’s my job now to keep producing and stoking the fire.  On that note, there will be a new online shop on YNOTcycle.com verrry soon, swear!

The new space!  This shot really doesn’t do it justice, but it’s considerably more space than the old garage and it’s got hardwood floors and brick walls and huge windows and it’s in a century old rubber factory building!  Coooool!  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when we have it all set up.  Tony’s dad had his contractors make us some huge cutting tables and extensions for our machine tables, stoked!

Three of the fully redisgned Gulpers!  They work as a roll-top or top-flap, however you like!

Candid moment between Toby and Tony in the new spot.

When the move was done I took off to meet up with Brad Downie to ride some street.  I told him to meet me at Dundas and Bathurst because there was a bike polo tournament going on there.  It was a huge turnout!

The Gulper I posted about below was there with it’s happy owner Cat Vincent!

We went and rode some street but then had the idea to finally go track down the Don Valley mtb/bmx trails.  The mtb ones are clearly marked and ‘official’ but the bmx ones are ‘against the law’ and somewhat secret.  With the guidance of our friend Zef we found our way to the trails and jumps and it was so fun!

It’s basically impossible to get a good shot of the track but here’s a crappy one to try to give an idea.

There were full size legit bmx trail jumps and all that, but we couldn’t fuck with them!  We were definitely getting on some of the smaller jumps, gotta go back!

After the gruelling ride and getting lost on the way home (thanks for saving us Marnie!) Brad and I returned home to Marnie for a kick ass spagetti dinner she had made! woo! We played a number of post-dinner games of Bananagrams (look it up) and then dragged ourselves to the afterparty for the bike polo tournament.

Liberty Street Cyclery was happening!

Two Zlog hats!  I forget this nice guy’s name, but he said he works for Velocity or something.. And no, he’s not Prolly, even though he totally looks like it in this shot.

And then I went home to cuddle with Marnie, awwww. 🙂

About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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6 Responses to “End of an era” – YNOT Moving Day!

  1. aaron says:

    Proud of you, buddy! The new shop looks great + I hope the online store gets up + running soon so I can take advantage of your hard labour.

  2. Anthony says:

    wow!!!! Congratulations man! this is Awesome!!! I will always be a YNOT supporter!

  3. meagan marly says:

    fuck, i cannot believe i missed out on this.

  4. Sam Allgood says:

    mosher you have no idea how happy this makes me, i had an awful horrible weekend and this is just so fucking awesome. message me sometime i wanna know how it feels to be a real man.
    i love you so much dog

  5. Tom Mosher says:

    Thanks for all the love and support, friends!

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