Bro Blogs

Just thought I’d make a quick post to share the blogs/sites of my awesome local friends!

Sungwoo ‘Swoo’ Kim – Constant Revolution : Local ripper, keener and all around nice guy.  He’s taken the reigns and started producing tutorials where I’ve been slacking.  His edits are always on point and he’s gotten the attention he deserves, check him out!

Brad Downie – Braddo : One of my favourite people to ride with, he’s been under the radar this whole time but with his first edits starting to trickle out I think people will start to notice him more.  He’s on the YNOT Cycle team, along with Swoo, and always represents hard at events.  Here’s his newest edit:

Meagan Marly – Bike Kunts : I mentioned her below but she’s a bro so she gets mentioned here.  She’s always got the right attitude and she’s keen as hell about supporting the local weekly trick meetup on Tuesdays.  She’s my main help with prep and assistance at YNOT and she’s learning the ropes fast.  Here’s a little edit she just made:

Tom Briggs – Skitch Clothing : Tom was one of the earliest people to show a little faith in me and put me on his team.  It’s a pretty loose knit thing but it’s the main reason I was in The Revival.  He’s been super swamped with school work as he’s in his thesis year, hopefully he’ll have some free time and resurface soon!

Tony Mamolitti – YNOT Cycle : Just gotta give some attention and props to my business partner and good friend Tony.  He’s been busting his ass trying to ensure the move goes smoothly and keeping all the supplies stocked so the business can keep thriving.  I really owe him a lot for the opportunities he’s given me so I’m trying real hard to repay him with my own efforts.

Today should be a super full day, I’ll post later with some of the fun that goes down!

About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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2 Responses to Bro Blogs

  1. Swoo says:

    Swoo Kim just doesn’t sound right! Haha

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