Had a pretty full day of ‘things’.  Went with Marnie to pick up some more plants to make the new YNOT spot more homey, I went with little leafy ones that will grow and take up space, in a good way.  We also picked up groceries and then Marnie spent the rest of the day making a kickass dinner while I went and did stuff, what a gal! 😀

First stop was the Sprints at Central Tech, the high school 500ft from the original YNOT location.  It was a good turnout and there were some real hard fought races, Scrawnie Donnie wound up winning the races, to many peoples surprise!

Racers crushing.

After the final race was done they did a fun Barn Burner round where anyone that wanted could compete and everyone went at once and each lap the last person in the pack was eliminated.  It was pretty cool to watch but things went from jubilant to serious when someone clipped a wheel and went down face first hard.  I was filming for one of the racers and had the camera zoomed and trained on the crash when it happened and I just saw the guy go down in a heap then lay there twitching.. People quickly called 911 and the fire and ambulance pros showed up in minutes.

I really felt bad for the guy, I didn’t even know him or his name but I really hope he is okay, my thoughts have been with him ever since the accident.  I’m glad he was in good hands quickly, it’s a shame he wasn’t wearing a helmet!  If I raced I would have worn a helmet!  I only did one qualifying lap but I did it fakie because I’m a dink.  When I showed up Swoo was there and looking kinda green and distant.  He had raced on an empty stomache and was feeling the effects!  It took some convincing but I got him to come out and do some tricks with me.  He just got a new camera and so now he can take sexy pictures and he’s learning all about that eagerly, and I’m jealous!  So here is some Swoo-tography!

This was with no lighting other than what was ambiently there, I kinda super love this shot!

I’ve been drilling this concept a bit and I welcomed the chance for Swoo to play with his camera settings while I practiced the trick over and over.  While he figured his settings out I figured the trick out!  I went from having hit only a couple proper footjams ever to hitting MANY tonight, yeah!

My beard is starting to kick ass, eh?

And then finally I parted ways with Swoo and headed home for a double date with Marnie, Cat and Zef.  The dinner Marnie made totally fucking ruled, she even made a banana chocolate loaf thing for desert!

And of course we played more Bananagrams, because it expands your mind!


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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