I ripped a phone book in half!!

We had a few friends over tonight as an excuse to have rum and egg nog’s.  I actually just had virgin egg nog since I was experimenting with my newly acquired Canadian rye whiskey.  I’m normally just a beer guy but a recent infatuation with whiskey had me purhcase my first intentional bottle of it in my life.  I now own 26 ounces or so of Forty Creek whisky.  It’s great!  This picture isn’t of Forty Creek though, it’s of Marnie pouring a pint of our favourite beer, Creemore Springs lager.

And this picture is totally unflattering but I thought she looks super cute shooting me!

On the topic of the post title, I finally learned to rip a phone book in half!!!

I had seen videos on youtube and stuff that showed the basic premise but I had never taken the time to learn.  Then tonight when we were socializing and being silly one of our friends proposed ripping an apple in half.  That got us on the concept of ripping shit in half and led me to decide it was finally time to learn.  It just happened that we had 3 phone books in the recycling bin so I ran downstairs and got them and then the absurdity commenced.

We studied the tutorials and it seemed bleak and near impossible.. until Marnie’s friend Kevin managed to crack and then tear a phone book in half!  Full size!

At this point I was still completely unable to even get the first sheet to tear, frustrating!  I practiced and figured out the concept over the next hour or so and then eventually, finally, I mangaged to rip one in half in one go!  It’s all about getting this deep V shape and then pinching real tight and splitting.  It’s kinda basically all I can think about now..

I don’t have a picture of the book I ripped, but I imagine myself stopping at every phone booth I pass from now on.. The kitchen was covered in ripped up phone books, then these bits got thrown everywhere, then cleaned up.

Oh yeah, and my Vandal didn’t show up this week!  Customs!  Can’t wait to set it up and see what it’s like!  Even if just to find out it’s all wrong, in my eyes it’s just a totally necessary step in the evolution and development of these bikes.

And I’ve definitely decided to put together a part for Loose Nuts, my shoulder won’t let me do big slammy gaps, but whatever, there are so many other interesting paths to go down. Gonna go out filming tomorrow and maybe get my first clip or two in the bank!


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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One Response to I ripped a phone book in half!!

  1. meagan marly says:

    of course you who do this when i’m not around! hahah marnie totally looks cute shooting you

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