Portland, OR

I just watched a video on Go Means Go picking on Portland and it brought back lots of memories of the city, I even recognized several of the spots they shot the video!  Hm, I may as well post it, eh?

The picture at the top of the post is from a race between me and this local kid named Jerome (I think?) and he was funny but sadly bitten by the Tarck virus.  (I just checked quickly and the site does seem to still exist, how about that?)  He challenged me to a race because he wanted to beat me at something.  My 68 gear inch Cutter was deemed too slow of a steed so I rode a loaner, I wonder how I would have done on a more familiar bike?

This is him shortly before or after beating me in the race.

On that same visit to the city I was interviewed by Mitch Byers for what he said was a high school project.  I was amazed when he said highschool because he looked at least 25!  I never thought I’d see the footage again but randomly it popped up online and ‘existed’, the comments on the YouTube page are pretty brutal and awesome at the same time:

I was in Portland on a big month long trip down the west coast with this extremely generous girl named Jenn that I knew off Trick Track.  She had gotten in an accident and received a settlement and wanted to go on a big trip and take *someone* and to my incredible fortune she chose me!  I got to go to all the best cities and meet a huge slice of the FGFS world that existed then.   Thank you Jenn!!

Fun factoid: my straps in this video were made out of a fanbelt that we found on the side of the road in Vancouver!  This was long before any strap companies existed, which seems crazy to say now that there are so many!

I really liked Portland and I look forward to visiting it again and not just for the biking, they have one of the best footbag scenes in the whole world!  Fourkast, the sickest footbag company, is run out of Portland and they have a scene with some of the best players in the world, here’s a video:

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Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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6 Responses to Portland, OR

  1. Kevin Phomma says:

    fun fun!

    • Tom Mosher says:

      You came to mind while I was putting the Portland post together. Does everyone still exist?

      • Kevin Phomma says:

        The “everyone” during that time either….

        stayed in portland
        stopped riding bikes
        lost touch of…

        But yeah most of them are still here. Stuff’s been pretty good nowadays. Lots of new different people here with the regularz

  2. Evan says:

    I bet that month long trip was fun. Riding in vegas was a blast tom we need to ride again soon.

  3. allender says:

    man jerome is awesome, i miss all those portlandia bikers! that was the west coast trip that we meet as well, and you were able to get me onto bls… thanks again. i will always be grateful. wonder when we shall meet again…

    • Tom Mosher says:

      thanks for the great post! I remember when Jenn and I first got to Seattle and she saw your bike locked up and franticly wrote a note and left it on it. I didn’t know who she could possibly be so excited about but you have turned out to be a great guy and I would be excited to find your bike locked up too. 🙂
      I will be in the states again some day, if you ever wind up in Toronto let me know!

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