Yesterday I crashed on the way to AND from work!  Some fucking fancy bike rider I am! 😉

You can see the whole first crash in this shot.  I was riding along, standing and giving er’ and then as I pushed hard on a downstroke my back wheel slid out from under me and then the front washed out and then you can clearly see where I landed in a heap on the ice! haha  It was more fun than anything else luckily!  On the way back home I got distracted looking at some graffiti and my front wheel clipped the snow on the side of the path and it pulled me down into the snowbank in a flop.  That one was mildly embarassing because another cyclist saw and felt the need to verify I was okay.  YEAH, I’M FINE! 😛

I was cruising through the alleys on the way home from a parking garage session last night and I saw this beautiful Anser face.  My favourite!


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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One Response to Crashed

  1. ptCT says:

    I like the amount of expression in this one. Anser is the dude.

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