Went to Joyride 150 yesterday with Brad Downie, Tom LaMarche and Jackson Wallace and I brought my still and video cameras and didn’t crack them out even once! haha Wish I had some cool pictures of the insane facilities but I don’t, maybe next time. I’m really no good at capturing content when I’m having so much fun!  Brad brough a huge wack of gear to take tons of sick pictures and managed to forget the battery for the camera body, sorry dude!

The night prior I met up with Jackson, Sungwoo Kim and Meagan Marly to have one of our regular Tuesday sessions. I started a weekly Tuesday group back in 2007 with the intent of pushing fellow riders and creating a community of sorts. The sessions waver in popularity over the course of the year but each spring and summer they always thrive. We kept the momentum alive this Tuesday and wound up having a fun session. I hadn’t met Jackson before but I had seen an edit he put out months ago and always wondered who he was.

Here’s a few shots from the night:

Jackson tire-sliding.

Jackson bashing over the cone we were all working on boosting over off this subtle kicker.  I got it at least once real clean an it felt real nice floating into the downramp landing.

Sungwoo Kim and his new BB17 Charmer26 that he helped design and gets to test!  Swoo is a keener in the best sense of the term, he really goes for things and makes lots of progress at everything as a result.  It’s always motivating getting to ride with him!

Another look at Swoo’s bike.  I am terrible at lighting, I know, I am still learning and Swoo even gave me some tips about aiming my flash to bounce off the ceiling and he demonstrated and took this picture of me looking baked.

He cupped the flash and aimed it up, coool.

Lastly, this shot of Swoo on the ledge bank thing, he saw me jump up on it and then hop back down and didn’t realize there was the big cement beam jutting out into your headspace.  He didn’t get why I was making a big deal about figuring out how to get off until he got up on and rode pretty much right into it and then cased over his bars.  We got it on video at least! 😉

Okay, one more pic, this huge GIM bomb (literally) went up a day or two ago and I just had to take a pic.  It’s about 25 feet tall and I figured they had to use a ladder and I saw a ladder print in the snow where they clearly threw the ladder over the fence, hah!

And a grimey tune to cap the post off, I used a tiny slice of this song for a YNOT commercial I made a while ago.


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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