Last time I was riding with Swoo I tried to take some comparison shots of our two very different 26″ prototypes.  It’s really hard to find an angle/position that doesn’t bias one frame or the other, I’ll have to keep trying different setups..

We’re both still getting used to them but so far it’s an interesting and fun experience.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next revised version of the frame, this one’s just a little too extreme.

About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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One Response to Vandal/Charmer26

  1. Jordan says:

    I know this doesn’t have to do with the pictures but Tom, I hope your getting the new radiohead album

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