Jackson’s Faceplant – STAY SAFE!!

I had a really awesome riding session with my buddy Jackson Wallace on Thursday.  Things were going great and we were stacking clips until Jackson took the most brutal crash I’ve ever seen in person.  He was going for a tire slide on a ledge that extended out over 4 stairs and his tire caught a bit too much traction and pitched him forward.  He took the full impact on his face, which is actually lucky because his nose broke instead of his neck or skull.  I was filming the trick and the EMS dudes and ER staff all wanted to see the footage to best treat him.  They all said he was VERY lucky to not be paralyzed or dead.  As soon as he hit the ground and was knocked out I called 911 (for my first time ever) and did my best to tell them our location while freaking out/tending to Jackson who was semi-conscious and concussed and bleeding profusely.  I didn’t want him to get up and move around because I had no way of knowing if he had done any damage to his neck/spine.  He was up and moving on his own as I communicated with the 911 ladies which was a relief but the whole thing was still very scary.

The ambulance showed up soon enough and they took control.  What a crazy job those guys have, having to show up (first) to the most gruesome scenes and dealing with the realest shit.  I locked up our bikes and rode in the ambulance to the hospital with Jackson.  He really didn’t know what was had happened and had big chunks of memory loss.  By the time we were at the hospital he was fully aware of everything and in pretty good spirits despite the fact that his nose and tooth were broken and his face was split apart in many places.

This is a shot of Jackson going in for the tire slide, neither of us knew what would happen next.. (these are all screenshots from my camera, I’m handing over the footage to Jackson to do whatever he wants with)

As I said, tire catches the ledge and he got pitched forward as hard down as you could ever imagine.  I know this sounds absurd but I am so fucking happy his face took it instead of anything else like his neck or skull!

I was so scared for my friend.  Jackson was pretty unknown until recently and he’s finally come out of the woodwork and started riding with me a lot.  He put out an edit about a year ago and it was sick and perplexed all the Toronto riders because nobody knew who he was!  Anyways, we started sessioning over the winter and this session was a high of highs and we were hitting sick new spots, what an experience the night became!

I thanked the EMS guys over and over, they did such a great job about reassuring Jackson and me about everything that was going on.

This last shot of Jackson is him right before Dr Kuhl (Dr Cool!) put twenty-something stitches in his chin, lip, nostril and nose bridge.  This was at about 6 AM after waiting the entire night suffering in this condition.  We’d already gotten to the point of being able to ‘laugh’ at the situation in it’s absurdity.  I was happy to be there for my friend because I knew he’d have done the same for me.

I mostly share this story as a reminder to BE FUCKING SAFE!! WEAR A HELMET!  I was wearing a helmet but I was the one filming so it didn’t do a bit of help here.  I’m sure Jackson will be investing in one!

I’m EXTREMELY happy to say that Jackson is healing up and is as “OK” as one can ever expect to be after taking a whiplashed faceplant on to rough playground ashphalt from a height.  To be honest, among the widely ranging and gigantic feelings I was feeling that night the one that I was most happy to be feeling was relief!  I was, and am, insanely relieved that he only broke his nose and tooth and needed a few stitches.  He could have been dead!  I am going to keep wearing my helmet and I encourage everyone to do the same!  Be safe!

Heal up Jackson!


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One Response to Jackson’s Faceplant – STAY SAFE!!

  1. Swoo says:

    Holy shit wtf. Heal up fast and well Jackson, glad you’re alright!

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