NYC BFF 2011

Here are a ton of pictures from my trip this weekend in NYC!

I took a bus leaving Toronto at 10:45pm and getting in at 10:45am in nyc.  It was pretty uncomfortable and hard to get any real rest but sometimes you just do what you have to do.  I made a bag for my bike, which totally worked, but I forgot to take any pictures of it.  Here’s a shot of the pretty Pennsylvania rolling hills, sometime around 6am or so:

I got in around 11am and quickly met up with our homie Charlie Reneigal, my goal for Friday was to hit as many shops as I could.  This was accomplished in a much more efficient way with his help and his fancy iPhone!  I had all the addresses written down so we just looked them all up and made a plan of attack.  We hit Chari & Co. first but I failed to get any shots there, it went well though and expect them to be a new YNOT source!

We hit up the Grime St store in Manhattan and met Rob running the shop after running into Joey Krillz on our way over.  Here’s our bikes out front and some YNOT & Trick Track stickers on the door! (you can see me reflected in the Grime window!)


After going around to shops I met up with my old footbag buddy and hackysacked on his roof in Brooklyn and chilled out a bit.  He lives in this gentrified appartment/condo thing that was actually pretty cool, 24hr rooftop hot tub and basement sauna.  I was carrying around an insanely huge load of crap the whole time, definitely the largest heap I’ve ever tried to drag around for any extended period.  I had all my stuff I needed for a trip, clothes, tools, cameras, toiletries, etc and then a bunch of YNOT sample stuff to show to shops.  I had all my crap in a large Gulper and then a medium Gulper stuffed with a messenger bag and 16 sets of straps and a bunch of other little gear sticking out the top.

Anyways, I didn’t get any shots from my friend Matt’s roof, the skyline view was fogged out anyways, but it was great relaxing a bit after the exhausting exertion of the day prior!

Wonka started calling me up saying I had to come meet up with him and everyone and that “all the best FGFS riders in the world” were there waiting for me and that I had to get over the Williamsburg bridge to meet up with everyone immediately!

Here are some familiar and new faces I found.. Wonka, Anthony Combs and Felix Dol:

I got to meet Oscar Kahn, he’s a great guy and I like him a lot! This is a shot of his bike, my backpack with some straps in it and my bike on the right:

We all cruized to this one Manhattan spot and sessioned the rail on the left of the shot

There were tons of ‘names’ there at the spot, in this shot alone there’s Oscar, Mike Schmidt, Chris Fonseca, Anthony Combs and Felix Dol!

Friday night I watched Ed get the same tattoo that Jakob Santos got the night before, their roomate Leif did a sick job.

As everyone headed to bed I decided not to crash at Ed’s and rolled over to my buddies place for a 3am beer and joint in the rooftop hot tub!

The next morning I grabbed some food with Matt and then biked back over the bridge with all my gear (after getting semi-lost trying to find my way to the bride) and the Grime guys let me put some YNOT gear on their table.

I met this cool guy named Maze that handmakes bags in Brooklyn under the name Rat VS Pigeon and he let me take lots of pics of his bags.  Here’s a shot of him with renowned Japanese/nyc photographer Tak:

There was some cool detailing on the bags:

Caught this shot of Jakob competing in the long jump comp, he was the only one going at it against the BMX guys.  Actually, there would have been a lot more people competing in FGFS but a big blob of riders that should have competed took off to ride street before the event and missed it.  It seems like this happens at several events and it’s often the same people instigating it.  Last year at the Richmond event Wonka got in a fight with Prolly over that!

Mike Schmitt was going hard the whole time,  while also keeping the event rolling with the other Grime guys and the BMX guys, thanks for the hard work!

Here’s him going down:

Jakob was going hard the whole time too, here’s him hitting a 360 over the spine:

Lastly a shot of Anthony getting wreckless, all the crowds looks are priceless.  Anthony is a great kid and I had a lot of fun riding with him.

There’s tons more to say and tons more happened, even though I was only in the city for one night.  Two nights on busses takes a toll on your system, I need to go crash!  I made lots of YNOT contacts and hopefully got us into a bunch of new shops, the future keeps getting brighter!

Oh yeah and the movies were cool too!  I often miss the BFF movies when I travel down for them but this year Wonka got me a ticket and I got to catch the shows before frantically scrambling back to the bus terminal to tear my bike down and catch my bus home. I was glad to have made it there and back safe and to have ridden pretty well and to have gotten to meet several new friends and hang out with old ones.

It’s nice to be back in Toronto with Marnie and Ruby!  Already back in the swing of things, tomorrow we have a video shoot at YNOT to launch our bags!  More later!


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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