YNOT killed it at Interbike!

Well our first industry tradeshow went off with a bang!  Heaps of retailers, distributors, homies and compentitors found out what we’re all about and we got a really positive response from people from all over the world!

I’m really happy to be back with Marnie and Ruby and back to work at YNOT.  Just when we want to finally kick our feet up and relax for a minute we actually have to go harder than ever now that we have all this international attention.  It’s worth it though, seems like our stock is getting hot!

Here’s a shot of a bunch of YNOT buddies in the booth.  LtoR: Me, Matt Reyes, Tony Mammoliti, Scott Horton and Steven Jensen.  There was lots of love for YNOT going around and it seemed like everyone wanted to get our straps on their bikes!

Our booth came out amazing looking and I have to give it to Tony for pulling it out of his ass!  He drove around in the U-Haul and found a place that was willing to let him take 20 of their pallets to build our booth.  People asked us if it was custom woodworking and if we had had it done for us!  hah!  I managed to forget my camera in Toronto so the only photos I have are ones I am stealing from other sources.  The one above was from the YNOT blog.

I got to meet basically every ‘name’ I hadn’t yet, Jensen, Brad Parker, Mike Chacon, Boothby, Matt Reyes, Scott Horton, Matt Montoya, Nick Ramirez, Jeff Dempler, Kenny Arimoto, Colby!, Dustin Klein (he didn’t know who I was! haha), Emi Brown, Sean Burns!!?, Sean Coats, uhhhh.. Phillip Arellano, Bumstead homies, LDG homies, IminusD homies, Leader homies, just to name a few! 😉

One really touching thing for me was how many completely random nice dudes came up to me and thanked me for starting Trick Track and for ‘teaching’ them to do bike tricks.  That really warmed my heart and I appreciated it that they appreciated it and it really inspired me to get it all fired up again.  I am going to fix tricktrack!!

Here’s a few pictures of the YNOT booth that Prolly took.  Thanks for the exposure! (so to speak..)

I made two modern Cobras finally!  One has become my personal bag that I am going to do a full display of and the other was supposed to go to Brad Downie but it got purchased by Brick Lane Bikes, who plan on placing a big order with us, whee! I just have to re-make Brad’s bag now..

We had a few banners up and one of them featured the winter shot of me riding, this was me attempting to get a shot for the Volume catalog..

I really like the way Prolly’s shots of the booth came out, here’s one more:

Here’s one more from the YNOT blog, it shows one of the handful of times we got mobbed by a huge roaming blob of FGFS people!  The booth would go from quiet/dead to SWAMPED by all these (mostly Californian) dudes and it’d be overhwelming but awesome!

My bike was front and center in the booth, it seemed to be a real magnet and I saw many people taking shots of it and stopping to talk about it:

Anyways, now that I’m back I’m even busier than ever.  But whatever, I feel like we’re just planting the seeds for our future money tree.  YNOT, right?

This is just a small slice of what went on, but I’m sure you get a feel for what it was like!

About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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  1. Phil666 says:

    Your the coolest dude ❤

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