Curved Wall pic by Swoo

Swoo took these shots of me hitting this curved wall I’ve stared at for so long.  The pics just went up on the Volume site, the new Vandals should be available soon, sick!

Here’s one more angle on the trick that didn’t get posted:

Today I was riding along and I saw this dude walking with some chick and it took me a sec to clue in but then I realized it was Tom LaMarche and his gf.  I stopped and gave him a hug and shot the shit a bit but it still caught me off guard because it’s not every day you roll up on one of your biggest inspirations.  I was actually watching a bit of the original Bootleg Sessions today and he was on my mind a bit, maybe I conjured him.. probably.  Actually, a few nights ago I was waiting for a train and had a few minutes to kill so I rode the drainage ditch by the station.  While messing about I decided to, on a whim, hit the gap I hit in my BSV2 part, seen here at 00:30:

Shit, 2008.. It’s a whole different world now!


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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One Response to Curved Wall pic by Swoo

  1. Meagan Marly Cronk says:

    loveeeee those pictures! so cool

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