Road To Joy, Vandal Commute

This is my first ever time-lapse! A few times I’ve filmed my commute to YNOT (On my Vandal with the saddle jacked up!) with my GoPro attached to the top tube, right at the seat post and I decided to try speeding one up and putting it to a song.  The song is called Road to Joy by Bright Eyes and the words often get deeply stuck in my head.

Hope it’s not too boring, it’s kind of an experiment I guess.  I have all these little jibs and jumps and lines I like taking to make the route more fun.  They all fly by pretty fast but the wheelies came out kinda cool I think.  I love that the Vandal is ‘fast’ enough to rip to work on, it means I can still have fun and do tricks as I go instead of just riding like when I borrow a delicate fast bike.

Enjoy watching me ride to work in exotic Canadaaaa!

Should I make any more of these?  I tried filming doing a delivery of YNOT straps to a shop with Marnie’s cargo bike but the shop wasn’t open so the clip came out kinda meh.. Any suggestions?


About Tom Mosher

Mechanical engineer, avid trick nerd, currently enamoured with bikes and designing products and then making them. Sponsored by Volume Bike Co., Velocity USA, YNOT Cycle, Resist Parts, Bikes On Wheels
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8 Responses to Road To Joy, Vandal Commute

  1. Heath Braun says:

    This is awesome! i love how the bike frame ‘frames’ the shot…. I would suggest speeding up the ‘just riding’ parts and maybe slowing down (even slo-mo) the cooler parts, jibs, wheelies, shortcuts/landmarks of your ride, this is a really awesome idea though, especially cause you could do it with any of your regular commutes and they’d all turn out a little different. nice job Tom!

    • Tom Mosher says:

      Thanks for the comments! I was planning on doing exactly what you’re suggesting but wound up trying this out first. I think some of the jumps and fun parts would stand out more if I did just what you’re saying so I’ll try that on the next one.

  2. Jordan says:

    Great video, two suggestions: perhaps turn down the volume on the video cause the pedalling is a bit distracting and maybe move the camera forward so we can’t see your legs but more of the scenery. I would like to see more of these and perhaps some at normal speed too!

    • Tom Mosher says:

      I will play with different camera spots to see how they turn out. I did one the other day where I had the camera on the top tube by the stem looking back and it made for a whole new dynamic, will maybe try that one next?

      Thanks for the constructive criticism!

  3. Slick man, good to see someone is still commuting on their fgfs bikes. I liked how your reflection showed up on the top tube for the whole ride, i would recommend editing in glowing eyes on the reflection. my 2 cents:)

  4. dAN says:

    this turned out great! nice edit with the song

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