Tom Mosher & Phillip Williams – Toronto Street

Yesterday Phillip Williams and Sam Clark came from Burlington to Toronto to ride and film and a bunch of fun tricks went down.  Our homie Kyle Messier and his girl drove down from Kitchener by surprise and joined the session too.

Here’s the fun video Sam Clark made out of the clips he got, it was a really inspiring session, both Phillip and Kyle go really hard!

Kyle and I tried together, over and over, to get the curved wheelie on the wooden bench and I fell so many times!  He got it first though, he’s got surprising bike control and I’m looking forward to riding with everyone again soon, I love being pushed!

Thanks for coming out to Toronto guys!

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Vandal Proto: Final Resting Place

After building up my new Vandal at ChillNGo we found a fitting place for my prototype, in the outstretched hands of an Elixer piece in the window display!

The bike under it is one of the super limited edition Colnago frames that La Carrera (what this shop was until a few weeks ago) collaborated on and had graffiti artists Stash and Futura design.

Sam is super generous and friendly and I want to do what I can to help support his venture.  I remember him telling me in the spring that it was his dream to own a bike shop some day, at the time he was a mechanic at a local shop.  Then a few months later the word on the street was that La Carrera had been sold to him and his dream would get to come true!

Here’s a couple gross follow-up shots of my healing finger, yuck!  Marnie was cringing taking the shots for me..

Should be healed up enough to do tricks by next week I hope.  Today we had SNOW, fuck!  I need this damn finger to heal so I can get some clips on my new bike!

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Volume Vandal Bike Check!

Here’s a few shots of my completed Volume Vandal.  I can say with confidence that this is unequivocally the best bike I have ever owned!  It really feels amazing and I can’t wait to fully put it through it’s paces.  I’ve had a few quick dorking around sessions on it and it feels incredible, I was going to film all day today but my stupid finger injury made that impossible.  I’ll be filming on it as much as possible as soon as possible!

Volume Vandal Bike Check:

Frame: Volume Vandal (Trans Red)

Fork: Volume Crypt 26″

Rims: Velocity P35 (white)

Straps: YNOT Cycle x SKYLMT

Hubs: Resist front and rear

Tires: DMR Supermoto

Bars: Resist Congoloid

Drivetrain: Resist Icon sprocket, Resist Relapse cranks, Demolition PC pedals

Pegs: 3 Demolition Dumbchucks and 1 Animal light metal

Seat: Resist Pivotal

One more shot!

And Sam at Chill N Go Cycles was so crucial in coming through to make this sweet bike happen, thanks buddy!

Also, big thanks to Volume for their continued support!  I’m going to push hard stacking clips on this thing until winter forces us inside and underground and hopefully get a proper edit out of it.  I’ve got a whole list of tricks and lines I want to get filmed and a skilled filmer buddy who’s down to help so I’ll be sure to churn lots out!

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Another Hospital Visit..

Well, I had to take advantage of Canada’s marvelous free health care once more after catching my engineering ring (worn on the pinky) on a screw head that held a sign to a wall.  The ring got mangled and my finger got sliced all around and the circulation was cut off.  It was quite a debacle once I got to the hospital, their ring cutter wasn’t working and the fire department had to be called and it took them 3 burly firefighters, a dremel and some borrowed tools from Tony (of YNOT, who rushed over with Marnie) to cut through the ring and bend it apart to finally get it off me.  The timing could hardly be worse, I FINALLY got my new Vandal all together and we have a weekend of freak beautiful weather at the end of November BUT I can’t ride!  It’s killing me!

Here are some gross pictures of my finger, I’ll post some final pictures of my bike right after!

This is what it looked like post-hospital.

My hand and the mangled ring.  Ugh, this is frustrating, I want to ride SO bad!!

Here’s an update shot of Ruby, she’s a big fuzzy awesome beast now!

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My camera battery died before I could take a finalized shot of it but here is a picture of it all finished!

Last night after work I called around to see if any of my homies could help me put it together and my friend Sam was willing to stay late at his shop Chill-N-Go Cycles.  He just recently bought the shop (formally named La Carerra) off Toronto legend Nadir and he really came through last night! Thanks Sam!!

Will post full proper bike check tonight!

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NBD: New Bike Day, Volume Vandal!

My production Volume Vandal finally came in the mail yesterday!  There’s a few more weeks before everything is covered in snow so I’m going to go as hard as I can to stack a pile of clips for a proper bike check video.  It’s already below the freezing point most of the time so the bike couldn’t have come soon enough!

Here are some preliminary shots of how far I could get it built with the tools I had on hand last night after work.

Care package!

Pictured above is my new production Vandal frame, Resist headset/BB, Icon sprocket, Demolition Keystone stem, grips, Trickster bars and Congoloid bars.

Lacking BB tools I got the bike as far as I could, it looks INCREDIBLE!  I’ve got a fresh set of rims from Velocity that I’ll be building up when I get the BB put in, can’t wait!

This is the condition my old Vandal prototype was in after a year of Canadian weather, starting with a harsh winter.  Every inch of it was rust and/or stickers!

I’ll be getting this built up tonight and then I’ll post proper bike check photos and I’ll start stacking clips for a fresh edit.  SO stoked on this new bike!


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Local Cyclist Killed..

At a spot I literally pass over twice a day in my commute to YNOT a local cyclist was crushed by a 5-tonne truck and killed.  It’s hard to believe but at the same time very easy to imagine.  It hit me pretty hard the day after as I passed the growing memorial at the entrance to the railpath (bike highway that follows the train tracks where I threw the last Hell Track) where the incident happened.  Sometimes the risks involved in simply existing as a cyclist make it all seem absurd, but not enough to make me live any other way.  I guess we just all have to resolve to be as careful as possible.  This woman, Jenna Morrison, was a mother of a 5 year old and 4 months pregnant, it’s truely tragic.

Things like this really make this all very real.  We’re all fleshy, vulnerable chunks of potential, potential to do good or bad and to make descisions of all kinds.  I’m relieved to know she was at least wearing her helmet.  I’ve taken to scolding parents that are riding along and not wearing helmets, I yell out “Where’s your helmet, DAD/MOM??” and it seems to hit them pretty hard.  I feel like I could go on and on on a topic like this but I don’t want this post to be about my opinions, rather, we should remember a bright life that’s been lost.

Stay safe out there!

After making this post I just stumbled on a video from the CBC, by total fluke I am actually in the background commuting to work on my Vandal at 1:25 here as they talk about the tragedy.


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